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Party Building Culture

Learn the history of the party, the heart of the early Ming Dynasty, strong beliefs, follow the party

On the morning of July 1, the party committee of Henan Zhuoli Imaging Technology Co.,Ltd. held a grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in the multimedia conference room. "Walking" was the topic of quoting classics and quotations, and gave a lively theme party class for everyone. More than 70 people from all the company's Communist Party members, development targets, party activists and party applicants participated. The purpose of this commemorative event is to review the party’s history of struggle, enthusiastically praise the party’s glorious achievements, inherit and carry forward the party’s glorious tradition and fine style, and guide the party members to learn from history, to increase their trust in history, to respect morality, and to practice history. , To further encourage the majority of party members to firm up their ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the original mission, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role in the management reform efficiency optimization activities, and promote the company's high-quality development.

Learn from Party History and Practice the Original Heart, Build an Immune Barrier

In the study and education of party history, the company’s party committee has always put "I do practical things for employees" as the top priority, based on reality, effectively combining party history study and education with new crown vaccination, and practice in service Carry out the original mission to build a healthy immune barrier.
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