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Consolidate the foundation, create new advantages and recast new glory

General Manager Xu Hehong made an important speech. Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager Mao Zhenwen presided over the meeting and made a report on production and operation on behalf of the manager team. Finance Director Chen Shunyi put forward work requirements on the key, difficult and weak points of economic operation in the second half of the year. All middle-level and above management personnel and production backbones attended the meeting.

City Investment Group investigates and investigates the high-quality development of Zhuoli Company

Recently, Zhuoli's successful experience in production and management and high-quality development has aroused strong responses from all walks of life in the society. On June 27, the Municipal Investment Group, the second largest shareholder of Zhuoli Company, formed a special investigation and research team. Under the leadership of Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee Zou Zhongchun, he went to invest in enterprises to conduct investigations and investigations to fully understand the company’s safe production and operation. Management, environmental protection, project planning, etc. The investigation and investigation team consisted of more than 30 members of the leadership team of the Municipal Investment Group, middle-level managers of the group headquarters, and members of the leadership team of each subsidiary. Xu Hehong, general manager of the company, warmly welcomed the arrival of the investigation and investigation team of the Municipal Investment Group, and led the company's team members to accompany the investigation and investigation.

Director Fu Xiqiang praised Zhuoli for high-quality development

On the afternoon of June 7, Fu Xiqiang, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, came to Zhuoli Company to conduct research on services and guidance for the high-quality development of the enterprise. This is the first time that Fu Xiqiang came to Zhuoli Company soon after taking office as the director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

Promote the spirit of model workers and gather creative power

On May 18, entrusted by the Henan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Zhang Hongwei, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Jiaozuo City Federation of Trade Unions, and his entourage visited Henan Zhuoli Membrane Materials Co., Ltd. This year, the Deputy President Duan Xinhu who won the May 1st Labor Medal of Henan Province The manager awards medals and certificates.
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